Wednesday, July 2, 2014

230: Leather Birkenstock Sandals Look For Less

Mac's Want it For Less: Leather Birkenstock Sandals

One of my best friends bought a pair of Birks in high school and I hated them. Several years later they are now making a comeback in cute styles (with straps) and boy am I eating my words. After trying on Zara's pair I have decided that they are a go for the summer. Although I was able to pull four fly reinvented Birks, my favorite look for less happened to be the most neutral one. Check below to see what I found for less.

Mac's Found it For Less: Birkenstock Leather Sandal

I usually love a statement shoe but this time around I plan to tone it down a bit by buying the Pierre Dumas Bork-20 in Tan. For $35 they are quite a steal so I can't wait until they arrive.

P.S. The moment those jeweled Zara sandals or those chained Sam Edelman sandals go below $40, they are mine!

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Monday, June 30, 2014

229: Lacquer Boxes

Mac's Want For Less - Lacquer Box

I'm loving lacquer boxes right now. They can be used as storage in a variety of places and they are gorgeous. So far the least expensive one I found was West Elm's Lacquer Jewelry Box at $24.99. I'm interested in a larger box at a $20 price point; however, that's a great price for a lockable box that can be monogrammed. If you're in the market for one be sure to head over to West Elm before their sale is over. 

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

228: Beyoncé's Parkwood Entertainment Midtown Office

I loved the description of Parkwood Entertainment's midtown office in the May issue of Out Magazine. Of course I have never seen Parkwood but after reading the description I HAD to create it for myself.
"Decorated like a boutique hotel—plush sectional sofas, hardwood floors, an enormous contemporary chandelier—the most visible sign of Beyoncé are the 17 Grammys that line one end of the conference room and a cool portrait of a young Michael Jackson, her idol." - Out Magazine
Beyoncé's Parkwood Entertainment Midtown Office
  • STOCKHOLM Chandelier [Ikea - $99]
  • Lucite Monogram Letter [C. Wonder - $68]
  • Exceptional Hollywood Tufted Sectional Sofa [1st dibs - $10,500]
  • Vintage Michael Jackson Picture [Post - N/A]
  • Hay S&B Dot Rug [Made in Design - $1,730]
  • Black Hardwood [N/A]
  • Grammy [Ask Beyoncé? - N/A]
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Monday, April 7, 2014

227: April 2014 Wants - Fashion

My trip to Paris is so close I can smell the croissants. This month I put together a list of staples that will undoubtedly hold me down while I frolic across the pond for a week and change.

MAC's Fashion Wishlist: April
My new favorite lip stain in two colors that can easily be found at any drugstore. King's Bey No Angel Fleece Sweatshirt to keep me warm for all 7 hrs from JFK to CDG. Some versatile leather overalls to wear while biking in Versailles and posing next to Notre Dame gargoyles. Cute initial studs to wear throughout the trip and lastly, a fabulous pair of Emily B's cutout platform wedges. See below for more details.
  • Emily B - Imperial [Baker's Shoes - $300]
  • Urban Outfitters' Initial & Heart Gift Card Earring Set - Letter C [Urban Outfitters - $10]
  • No Angel Crew Neck Sweatshirt [Shop.Beyonce - $65]
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - Color: Precious & Rendezvous [CVS - $9]
  • Perry Overalls [Forward To All - $52]
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

226: Want - Karl Lagerfeld's Head Shaped Face Clutch

Although I have yet to find the make or model, I am lusting after this very cute Karl Lagerfeld face shaped clutch. Thanks to Victoria Adamson's great shot it was seen in the Streets of Paris during Fashion Week. Come to mama little clutch, wherever you are. If you have any deets feel free to post below.

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Photo Credit: Refinery29 
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Monday, March 17, 2014

225: DIY Sequin Painted Bow Down Toss Pillow

My cousin Monique has been calling herself Queen Monique since probably before I was born. She also loves King Bey's new album (naturally). For her birthday I decided to merge the two interests and customize a toss pillow for her. Hopefully it will remind all of her house guests of who runs the show in her Queendom. Happy Birthday Momo!
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

224: Coffee Table Book Wants

Since we were on the topic of books yesterday, why don't we take a look at my favorite ones :). Here is my curated list of books for coffee table styling if money were no option or they all went on sale for $1. These books are listed in no particular order; however, there are always 3 things I look for when deciding what should be set out. The requirements are as follows: visually tempting from a distance, mostly pictorial (otherwise it would be on my bookshelf), and regarding something I am passionate about. My friends should pass the book, double back to pick it up off the table, and flip through it but never ask to borrow it lol. My stack should inspire them to curate their own stack…even if they do end up buying that same book. Each one teach one right? Below is a list of 12 books I would use for a coffee table book stack provided that my table is able to hold that much weight. If not, there’s always room on the Ikea Ribba Ledge.

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom)
  1. 2pac vs. Biggie: An Illustrated History of Rap's Greatest Battle by Evan McGarvey
  2. Luxury Hotels: America by Martin Nicholas Kunz
  3. American Art Deco: Architecture and Regionalism by Carla Breeze
  4. Dear Old Love: Anonymous Notes to Former Crushes... by Andy Selsberg
  5. Fashion: 150 Years of Couturiers, Designers, & Labels by Charlotte Seeling
  6. The Birth of the Bronx , 1609-1900 (Life in the Bronx Series, Vol. 4) by Lloyd Ultan
  7. Vogue Paris: March 2009 - Chanel Edition by Carine Roitfeld (Editor)
  8. Great Houses of New York 1880 – 1940 by Michael C. Kathrens
  9. A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book by Frank Warren
  10. Harlem, A Century in Images by Deborah Willis
  11. The Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman by Christian Dior
  12. Vogue Weddings: Brides, Dresses, Designers by Hamish Bowles and Vera Wang
I also have a few craft books that didn't make the list but that's why God gave me Pinterest lol.
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